Learn How To Buy or Lease With Poor Credit in Carlisle, PA

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Buying or Leasing with Zero or Low Credit

At Platinum Central Pennsylvania, we believe everyone deserves to have a reliable vehicle no matter the condition of their credit. After all, drivers from central Pennsylvania know having a car they can count on is a necessity. Whether you are a new driver with no credit or someone with a high debt-to-income ratio, our finance experts can help you get the best rate possible on financing a new or used vehicle or negotiating a new lease. Before visiting our dealership, you can take some steps to ensure your credit is in the best condition possible and help you avoid any surprises.

Tips To Improve Credit Scores

The first thing you can do to help you get the best rates possible on a new Mitsubishi or used car is to check your credit. According to federal law, you are entitled to have a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus once a year. Many third-party websites offer you access to your credit reports and credit scores for a fee. Checking your credit report is important because you want to make sure all your information is accurate and all the accounts listed in your name are, in fact, your responsibility.

If there are any errors or accounts you don't recognize, you can start the dispute process to get the information corrected and remove any negative information that shouldn't be there. Next, you can work on improving your scores by making payments on time, reducing your debt-to-income ratio by paying down whatever debts you can, keeping balances low, and not opening any new lines of credit.

Platinum Central PA

Our Finance Team Can Help

Many drivers from Carlisle to East Petersburg have low credit. Several factors that go into determining your credit score, and often, new drivers simply have no credit. Our Finance Team can help you find a solution and work around your credit and finances. We work with many local and nationwide lenders to get our customers the best rate possible on a new or used car loan. The lower the rate, the better that is for you because it means you pay less interest on the life of the loan and can help you keep the monthly payment lower. Our lenders look at several factors to determine your rates: income, debt, and age of the vehicle.

Even if they have a lot of debt, people with higher incomes typically get lower rates because the lender knows they can afford to make their payments. However, too much debt and a high debt-to-income ratio indicate that the person might have some trouble paying their monthly payment to get a higher rate. Finally, the vehicle's age matters because the newer the car is, the more valuable it is, so the bank will usually offer lower interest rates due to the lower risk. Your credit also affects your eligibility for a new lease and how much you must pay for a security deposit, down payment, and other fees. Having bad or no credit doesn't mean you can't get a new lease or finance a new or used vehicle, and our team can help work through your situation to get the best rates possible.

How to Find a Car that Fits Your Financial Situation

Mitsubishi cars are great for all kinds of drivers around Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg because they are very affordable. The lower prices make it so you don't need such a large loan and can pay it off quicker. If you are looking for a small commuter car to save you on gas, check out the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, a very affordable four-door sedan. If you need something a little bit bigger, we have many Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sport crossover SUVs for a great price. Ask our finance department about any current incentives or specials to see how you could save even more.

Online Finance Tools

Our group of dealerships in the central Pennsylvania area offers an online buying experience. You can browse our inventory, apply for financing, and get an offer on your trade-in before ever stepping foot in the dealership. With our online tools, you can even calculate your payments so you have an idea of which vehicles you can afford.

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If you want to know more about improving your chances of financing or leasing with poor credit, our finance experts are here to help! No matter what kind of credit you have, we can help you get the lease or finance you need so you can get into a reliable new or used vehicle today.