Oil Changes in Central PA

Everything You Need to Know About Changing the Oil in Your Mitsubishi

If you're in the market for an oil change, the experts at Platinum Central Pennsylvania are equipped to help you get the job done right. Unlike bringing your Mitsubishi to a local garage for service, our Mitsubishi dealership prioritizes your service needs by offering better customer service, better on-site waiting amenities, and factory-trained technicians that are certified to work on all Mitsubishi models.

Benefits of Frequent Oil Changes

The motor oil inside your engine is the lifeblood that helps keep your Mitsubishi healthy, strong, and running smoothly. We recommend getting the oil changed in your Mitsubishi after every 5,000 miles of driving to ensure you get the most out of its ability to perform. If you notice your Mitsubishi is running slow or delivering lackluster power, it could be that you're overdue for an oil change.

The benefits of getting frequent oil changes for your Mitsubishi in Carlisle, PA, include:

  • It helps regulate engine lubrication and performance
  • It gives our certified technicians the chance to routinely inspect and work on your Mitsubishi
  • Your Mitsubishi will last longer and perform better long-term
Platinum Mitsubishi

Why Schedule Service With Us?

When it comes to delivering professional service for our customers in Central, PA, our team at Platinum Central Pennsylvania is trained to handle a variety of routine service tasks, including performing regular oil and filter changes. Certified to get the job done right, our state-of-the-service facility is proud to offer the pinnacle of Mitsubishi oil change services to help increase the longevity of your cherished daily driver.

If you're in the market for an oil change, we encourage you to schedule your next oil change appointment using our dealership's convenient online scheduler tool. Select the time and date that work best for you and drop off your Mitsubishi for your next oil change appointment at your convenience!

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For more information about oil changes and why it's important to schedule service at one of our four Mitsubishi dealerships in the area, please call, click, or contact us online at Platinum Central Pennsylvania today! We look forward to hearing from you!