Mitsubishi Lease Return Process at Platinum Central Pennsylvania

How to Return Your Lease
at Platinum Central Pennsylvania

Tips for Returning Your Mitsubishi Lease in Carlisle, PA

The lease-end process at Platinum Central Pennsylvania is streamlined to expedite returning your Mitsubishi once your lease expires. Even if you did not originally lease your Mitsubishi from one of our Platinum Central Pennsylvania stores, we're still happy to accept all lease-end returns. After returning your Mitsubishi, you're free to lease a new Mitsubishi, buy a new Mitsubishi, or purchase your current Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Lease Return Timeline

If your lease is almost up in Mechanicsburg, PA, it's time to start considering your lease-end options here at Platinum Central Pennsylvania. To help you navigate the lease-end process, our sales team has created a Mitsubishi lease return timeline to guide you as you near the end of your contract. By following this timeline, we're confident that you'll be able to return your Mitsubishi lease on time with no last-minute stress.

Getting the Process Started

90 Days Out - Start Your Research

As you near the end of your lease contract in East Petersburg, PA, we recommend starting to research your lease-end options 90 days before your lease is due. This will give you ample time to research your lease-end options, including whether you want to:

  • Lease a new Mitsubishi
  • Buy a new Mitsubishi
  • Purchase your current Mitsubishi

If you like your current lease and wish to continue driving it, you can choose to either re-sign it or purchase it outright. For drivers seeking something new, you can also choose to buy or lease a new Mitsubishi of your choice - including popular options like the brand-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

60 Days Out - Schedule Vehicle Inspection

Our team at Platinum Central Pennsylvania will ask that you schedule an in-person vehicle inspection 60 days before your lease-end date at one of our four Mitsubishi dealerships in the area. To help determine any excess wear, we'll perform a complimentary vehicle inspection to ensure you're not responsible for any damages.

To help you get started, a Mitsubishi representative will contact you 60 days before your lease-end date to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection. You can choose to have your Mitsubishi inspected at any location that's most convenient for you, including your home, office, or at one of our Platinum family dealerships. Lastly, if we find the need for any immediate repairs, you'll need to schedule service for your vehicle and keep all receipts to confirm the repairs are completed before your lease-end date.

30 Days Out - Schedule Turn-In Appointment

As you prepare to turn in your Mitsubishi lease, we recommend scheduling your turn-in appointment 30 days before your lease-end date. This gives our dealership time to expect your arrival and allows you to make sure you're ready for your turn-in appointment, including making sure you return all keys, key fobs, owner's manual, spare tires, headrests, and third-row seats.

Complete the Lease-End Return Process in Harrisburg, PA

Congratulations! You've reached the end of your lease contract, and by now, you should have everything ready to return your lease to one of our Platinum Central Pennsylvania dealerships. You can choose to return your Mitsubishi at any one of the four facilities in the area, regardless if you originally leased it from there or not.

After turning in your Mitsubishi, please sign and return the Odometer Statement in the self-addressed envelope provided by our dealership. If you made any repairs to your Mitsubishi after your scheduled inspection, we ask that you please notify us when you return your lease. The last thing you'll need to do is call us to confirm your final mileage, and then you'll be free to explore new lease options in Central, PA.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please call, click, or contact us online at Platinum Central Pennsylvania to learn more about the Mitsubishi lease-end return process. We look forward to meeting you!